Secure mobile communications to more locations

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Secure Mobile Communications to More Locations

Mobile network operators are continuously looking for ways to extend their customer base and keep their customer’s data secure. To sustain their growth, they need to profitably expand their networks by reducing costs and improving availability, coverage, and quality.

With the mobile network environment constantly evolving and the cost of services decreasing, MNOs need to expand beyond their traditional customer base to untapped areas. These areas, beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial and cellular infrastructure, can now provide a profitable service using the Viasat Cellular Extension System. This low-cost infrastructure minimizes satellite bandwidth and the low power consumption terminal assures profitable service. Seamless integration into the mobile operator’s existing network allows the operator to support standardized service packages to customers irrespective of the access method.

Another way operators are looking to save money and provide a better customer experience is through mobile data offloading. Viasat managed Wi-Fi can be scaled to support an increased number of wireless devices per access point – mitigating interference, improving range, performance, and ability for end-users to connect to the network. This allows operators to have more devices on the network and our advanced online reporting management platform lets them monitor trends and usage.