Transmit HD ISR in real-time over horizon or line-of-sight


Real-Time HD ISR from the Tactical Edge to the Enterprise

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaisance (ISR) missions have become a cornerstone of modern military operations, answering the commander and warfighter's need for critical, accurate, timely intelligence information in order to make fast and effective decisions in the fog of war. With Viasat’s ISR communications services and systems, commanders and warfighters can securely access and analyze the same high-definition ISR full-motion video, sensor data, and communications in real time…regardless of location.  

With ISR missions powered by Viasat's airborne satellite broadband, military leaders and ISR analysts stationed beyond the horizon can see the action unfold on the battlefield or hot zone. During ISR operations, aircraft in theater send high-definition full-motion video and sensor data of the action back to command authorities beyond the horizon often on the other side of the world – in real time for live analysis and decision-making. In the dead of night and 30,000 feet up, remarkably fast data rates and abundant bandwidth off the aircraft ensure that analysts at headquarters can see the HD difference between a rake or a rifle, in real time, and make an instant decision related to the sensor-to-shooter timeline.

For tactical ISR missions that require line-of-sight transmission, we offer low-SWaP HD video data links.