Emergency response and disaster relief communications

Emergency Response + Public Safety

Mobile, Deployable, and Secure Communications for First Responders

When lives are on the line and every second counts, Viasat delivers emergency response, public safety, and disaster relief communications and cybersecurity technologies that work no matter what – even when nothing else does. 

We answer the call when first responders like firefighters, police, ambulance, and rescue personnel need mobile or deployable communications systems to ensure successful emergency response. Whether it’s mobile location tracking and messaging for your city’s emergency vehicles, or quickly deploying high-speed internet for rescue mission coordination at a remote location, we are committed to helping first response heroes who help the world every day. We can also help public safety organizations protect their networks and data with military-grade cybersecurity.

When disaster strikes, our technologies can be quickly deployed anywhere to deliver fast, reliable, secure internet and voice communications in situations when existing infrastructure is destroyed or overloaded, or to locations beyond the reach of traditional communications networks. Count on us for critical connectivity in disaster relief and humanitarian aid operations.