Improving education through better connectivity


Improving Education Through Better Connectivity

Access to the internet has become important to enhancing education, from providing more resources to connecting with educators and classes from anywhere in the world. From early education through continuing education, schools and universities are finding ways to provide their faculty and students with better access to the internet and all of the benefits it offers.

K-12 schools and libraries are looking for cost-effective ways to connect faculty, students, and parents while at school and extend connectivity throughout the campus with Wi-Fi. Viasat can provide high-speed internet to schools in rural locations beyond the reach of terrestrial and cellular services. Our managed Wi-Fi service extends the reach of internet throughout the campus and makes it easy to implement. Viasat is a category 1 ISP service provider as part of the federal E-Rate program providing high-speed internet and managed Wi-Fi services. Our E-Rate Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) is 143044103.

Colleges and universities are looking to enrich the education experience in the classroom and on campus, by providing cost-effective internet access and Wi-Fi to all students. And, they're reaching students beyond the campus with access to online classes and programs.Whether in the clasroom, library, or campus bus, Viasat high-speed internet and managed Wi-Fi services can make it easier and more cost-effective to reach more students.