Trusted Networking and Cybersecurity

Trusted Networking and Cybersecurity



Build Trust Throughout Your Network Sensitive to Classified Network Protection
Proven ability to build trust into existing networks and architect new secure networks; FIPS 140-2 to Type 1 network protection   Securely connect COTS mobile devices to the enterprise - selected for the USMC Tactical Handheld program
Actionable Intel for Public and Private Networks   Security, Efficiency, and Capacity
Monitor, detect, and respond to cyber threats across government and critical infrastructures - comprehensive national cybersecurity   Actionable situational intelligence with real-time monitoring and visualization of your network security posture

ViaSat Trusted Networking and Cybersecurity

Cyber adversaries are getting smarter, finding ways around traditional perimeter protection, leveraging vulnerabilities in remote connections and open source technologies, and attacking critical infrastructure networks to threaten government and military missions.

Leveraging years of answering the emerging needs of crypto modernization, the global information grid, and the DoD Defense in Depth strategy, ViaSat takes a comprehensive approach to protecting your network and understanding potential threats. With accredited security appliances, the latest commercially available technologies, and a deep understanding of network security, we can help you solve your toughest networking challenges:

Accredited Security Appliances

Accredited and certified around the world for use by government agencies, military forces, and organizations, our security appliances can be added to virtually any network or platform to deliver trusted protection for data storage, data in transit, and authenticated network access.

Network Security Appliances for Enterprise and Remote Communications

Secure Data Storage and Hard Drive Encryption

Mobile Enterprise Security

Securely connect smartphones and other COTS mobile devices to the enterprise. Exede Secure Mobile integrates high-grade protection throughout the mobile enterprise ecosystem.

Protection for Critical Infrastructures

Defend against attacks to utility energy delivery systems and other critical infrastructure networks. Addressing both internal and external threats to the operations network, our cybersecurity systems and managed services can be adapted to your existing network to identify and isolate network vulnerabilities in real-time.

Cybersecurity Visualization & Actionable Intelligence

Our real-time monitoring and visualization software integrates with physical security elements throughout your network to detect anomalies and quarantine compromised areas. Monitor your network security posture with the click-of-a-mouse.

  • Quality of Trust Assessment Across the Entire Network
  • Cyber and Physical Security Overlay
  • Interoperable and Compatible with Existing Network Infrastructure

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