Information Assurance Technologies

Information Assurance Technologies

There are two key technologies in Network Systems Group that provide foundations across the business. This is the High Assurance Internet Protocol Interoperability Specification (HAIPE IS) implementations, and the Programmable Scalable Information Assurance Model (PSIAM) implementations. These are technologies in which ViaSat is continually investing. The HAIPE IS specification has a roadmap to incrementally support rollout of the Global Information Grid.


PSIAM is a hardware based, fully programmable information assurance model that was developed to support HAIPE IS, NSA Crypto Modernization initiative, and JTRS architectures. With PSIAM, we continue to invest in development of both new and legacy cryptographic algorithms and modes to provide ever increasing applicability of the technology.


We are committed to keeping our customers up to date as new HAIPE IS versions and enhancements are approved, retaining interoperability with our existing fielded products, and obtaining and maintaining interoperability with our competitor's HAIPE IS products. This is a considerable challenge as both the specifications and each vendor's products evolve, but it is one we are prepared to meet aggressively.

You can depend on ViaSat to offer network encryption products that are flexible, capable, and leverage your investments in network infrastructure.

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