Protecting Canada's Classified Data with Eclypt Hard Drive Encryption

More and more computers are lost or stolen from government and commercial organizations each year, putting Canada's classified and sensitive data at risk for breach. Eclypt secure data-at-rest hardware encrypts data of any classification level from Top Secret to Sensitive/Unclassified, rendering the hard drive protected from compromise. With hardware-based self-encrypting technology, Eclypt delivers higher security with better performance than software-based encryption. In the event of computer theft, loss, or attack, Eclypt ensures that your data is completely protected, secure, and unstealable.

With Eclypt hard drive encryption, you can reduce the classification level and handling requirements of your data when your computer is powered down. Eclypt secures Canadian Top Secret, Secret, and Protected C data with encryption that reduces the security classification handling requirements down two levels *. 

Hardware-based Eclypt data encryption is available in a variety of configurations.  Simply choose the optimal Eclypt protection level and form factor to meet your data-at-rest security needs:

* AFU Pending




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