Satellite Networking Products Overview

Satellite Networking Products Overview

VSAT systems extend your network and connect you to the business and web-centric applications you need.

IP Data, Internet access, VPNs, Retail, Video, Voice – IP or switched, Distance Learning

Ka-band, Ku-band, C-band

Beyond simply providing satellite communication systems, our mission is to engineer creative ways to improve productivity and quality of life for you and your customers. Our satellite communication VSAT systems extend your network for business and web-centric applications. And we integrate proven third party applications with ViaSat satellite communications equipment to build the network you need.A hub installation in Europe.

More Efficiency Than Standards Alone

Choose ViaSat and you’ll gain a path to even more communications efficiency and value, with new ideas for economical satellite data communications. DVB-S2, Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), Dynamic Link Allocation, PCMA, and communication acceleration techniques are just a few of the advanced satellite communication technologies you’ll find in our VSAT products.

A wide cross section of companies around the world take advantage of these ViaSat product benefits:

  • Retail merchant services: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security for building easier and less costly secure network “tunnels” through the Internet.
  • Service providers: Virtual Network Operator (VNO) functions for provisioning many virtual networks from a single hub.
  • Dispersed and telecommuting workers: AcceleNet® by ICT for higher productivity by enabling broadband speeds over narrow band or high latency connections.
  • Remote populations: Efficiency techniques that create affordable networks for distance learning, e-government, health care, and universal Internet access.
  • Quick serve restaurants: Managed Broadband Services turn-key satellite networking that enables faster service and more profitable business operations.

Ka-band Ground System

The Ka-band ground system is a complete, sophisticated satellite networking system that enables fast and cost-effective satellite broadband services. The new system is designed to simultaneously deliver a wide range of residential, enterprise, and mobile broadband services for commercial and government applications. By exploiting the full potential of Ka-band high-capacity satellites, such as ViaSat-1 and Eutelsat KA-SAT, the system can deliver more than ten times the speed and capacity of current systems at a much lower cost per subscriber. You can deliver multimedia communication services that match DSL quality and are available wherever people live or work.

LinkWay® Mesh or Hybrid TDMA DAMA Networking System

The LinkWay satellite networking system seamlessly connects your advanced enterprise networking applications that use IP, ATM, Frame Relay or ISDN protocols between many remote sites. This multi-service VSAT supports mesh, star and hybrid network topologies over C- or Ku-band frequencies.

Skylinx® Satellite Telecommunications Network

The Skylinx DAMA VSAT system enables public carriers, telephone companies, PTTs, government ministries, service providers, private carriers or corporations to provide high-quality telephone, data and fax services to rural and geographically isolated areas covered by C- or Ku-band satellites.

Web and Network Acceleration

Innovative, patented software data compression, premium application acceleration, and network optimization products. Software WAN optimization (soft WOC) accelerates the on-line experience of millions of users connecting through GPRS, 3G wireless, dial up, and satellite networks for http, email, ftp, and PC file sharing.

Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM)

The Enhanced Bandwidth Efficient Modem (EBEM) 500/500R is a high-speed satellite communications modem for C-, Ku-, and Ka-band frequencies.The modem delivers higher capacity for broadband and multimedia transmissions and is compliant to Intelsat Earth Station Standards (IESS) 308, 309 & 310.Advanced technologies, such as turbo coding and higher-order modulation techniques are used to increase efficiency and throughput. The EBEM 500R has a ruggedized chassis for harsh environments such as cruise ships, oil platforms, and many more.

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