In early April of 2017, a team of local installers and Telebras employees, along with employees from Viasat, travelled to the small city of Pacaraima, Roraima, on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. Their goal: to install antennas that would bring broadband to dozens of schools and hundreds of students of the region.


Along with pick-up soccer games and jokes with the children, we worked hard to build the first antenna that would connect the schools of the community – and for some students, would open the doors to the internet for the first time.


And this is just the beginning. Many of the 207 million residents of Brazil live outside of areas with fiber, cable, DSL, and wireless options. In the future, we plan to continue expansion to schools, health clinics, and other governmental facilities without connectivity. These connections will open a universe of new possibilities for the kids in Pacaraima. Additionally, internet access in this community can help with the refugee crisis from Venezuela.


The entire Viasat team, along with our Telebras partners, is excited to connect schools and civil sites around Brazil and create new opportunities for Brazilians everywhere.