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Viasat arrives in Brazil with its satellite technology already established in the United States. Without depending on cable or fragile and low quality systems, such as radio options, it is the only one that serves homes in the most remote areas of Brazil.


Disclaimer: * Plans and prices may vary by region. Check the availability of plans and services inyour region. Free Zone in the Infinity 120 plan has a data cap limit of up to 500GB in the month. Maximum speeds may vary according to the plan and the technical characteristics of the service. All plans have data cap. After reaching the monthly data cap, the speed will be reduced, according to each plan. Traffic between 0h and 7h in the morning or between 2h and 7h in the morning (local time), depending on the chosen plan, will not be counted in the monthly data cap for the Free Zone. To activate the service, a fee will be charged according to your region for contracts with a minimum stay of 12 months and R$ 1,399.00 for contracts with no minimum stay. Contracting subject to credit analysis.

How does a satellite internet service work?

Satellite internet reaches where cable and fiber can’t, all you need is an unobstructed view.






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Check out what you can do:

*Average values ​​per month that may vary according to technical specifications.

  • Viasat Economy

    25 hours video streaming (or)
    125 hours video call (or)
    250 hours social media (or)
    600 hours listen to music and podcast

  • Viasat Smart

    50 hours video streaming (or)
    250 hours video call (or)
    500 hours social media (or)
    1200 hours listen to music and podcast

  • Viasat Prime

    100 hours video streaming (or)
    500 hours video call (or)
    1000 hours social media (or)
    2400 hours listen to music and podcast

Viasat customers have the Free Zone! Use when you want to, without charges.

A full night to catch up, watch movies and series at no extra cost.


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