Thousands of schools, health clinics, and other services. Three million students. All connected to the internet. Together, it’s possible.

From north to south, Brazil is home to more than 200 million people of different ages, races, and cultures. Today, only half of them have access to the internet. But the partnership between Viasat and Telebras for the Programa Nacional de Banda Larga (National Broadband Program) makes it possible for citizens from hard-to-reach regions to connect to a network of 4 billion people worldwide.


This partnership transforms the reality of Brazilians, bringing internet access where it wasn’t possible before with the reach of the SGDC-1 satellite from Telebras and Viasat’s accessible and scalable network.


Transforming the future of Brazil

  • For the first time, children from historically disconnected regions will have access to information from around the world – just a few clicks away and in just a few seconds
  • Teachers from schools in small communities will have more resources to prepare their students with current lesson plans and updated resources from the internet
  • Together, Viasat and Telebras are making global education a reality for all Brazilians

Viasat and Telebras: Empowering Brazilians from all corners of the country

With high-speed and affordable internet, Brazilians’ daily lives can change for the better.

  • Thousands of schools, health clinics, and other government services across Brazil will be connected as Viasat and Telebras support the Governo Eletrônico – Serviço de Atendimento ao Cidadão (GESAC) program
  • Better services and high quality connections can now be available to citizens of all regions
  • From health units to police stations, Brazilians will be well supported with more agile and quality essential services
  • With beams from the SGDC-1 satellite covering 100% of the Brazilian territory, we’ll empower communities across the country – socially and economically