Enable mission effectiveness

ELITE Solider Kit

Expeditionary Lightweight Integrated Tactical Edge (ELITE)

Tactical Operations demand resilient and rapid access to user applications and multi-classification real-time and distributed cloud data needed to enable mission success. Viasat brings a holistic turn-key solution for C5 from the TOC/FOB all the way to dismounted soldiers.

The Viasat ELITE kit provides a flexible and secure open architecture communications and applications platform that delivers simple network management, BLOS, LOS and Wireless networks for resilient Situational Awareness and Command and Control to the warfighter at all echelons and CONOPS. The Viasat ELITE solution provides:

  • Multi-transport technologies, including emerging low visibility communications
  • Automated PACE with the ability to bond traffic over multiple links simultaneously
  • Automated network management, security, and configuration for rapid setup
  • Distributed cloud platforms for "Cloud, Fog, and Mist" compute for application and SA intelligence at the tactical edge
  • Mission application integration from best-in-class partners
  • SWaP optimized in mission context (warfighter wearable to Theater Operations Center)
  • Cyber security and transport resilience

Each ELITE kit is customized to meet unique user requirements for applications and transport types but is integrated and tested to provide a full turn-key solution to ensure mission success. The ELITE Solider Kit is a lightweight wearable system based on the advanced compute capabilities of the latest Android mobile devices and purpose built applications that enables soldiers with real-time access to data, enhanced situational awareness, secure and flexible connectivity solutions. The soldier wearable system is an integrated turn-key solution that is purpose built to enable soldiers mission effectiveness.

ELITE Solider Kit

End User Device (EUD) for Tactical CONOPS

Tactical Edition Samsung Android device with purpose built OS and Samsung COTS device enabled to integrate with single and multiple tactical radios and soldier-worn devices

User tactical applications

Purpose built tactical applications to enable common operating picture, situational awareness, digital aided close air support and real time access to ISR data

EUD security software 

Mobile Dynamic Defense ecosystem for easy and flexible remote and local configuration / management of EUDs. Enabling Trust monitoring and robust security of EUDs in denied/disconnected, intermittently connected and limited-bandwidth (DIL) tactical environments

Ruggedization and connectivity

Operationally proven protective EUD cases, wired and wireless hubs and cables from best in class partners