Mobile C5 solutions and seamless connectivity

ELITE Headquarters for Combat Employment

Expeditionary Lightweight Integrated Tactical Edge (ELITE)

Tactical Operations demand resilient and rapid access to user applications and multi-classification real-time and distributed cloud data needed to enable mission success. Viasat brings together fully integrated turn-key solutions that deliver C5 from the TOC/FOB all the way to dismounted soldiers.

The Viasat ELITE kit provides a flexible and secure open architecture communications and applications platform that delivers simple network management, BLOS, LOS and Wireless networks for resilient Situational Awareness and Command and Control to the warfighter at all echelons and CONOPS. The Viasat ELITE solution provides:

  • Multi-transport technologies , including emerging low visibility communications
  • Automated PACE with the ability to bond traffic over multiple links simultaneously
  • Automated network management, security, and configuration for rapid setup
  • Distributed cloud platforms for “Cloud, Fog, and Mist” compute for application and SA intelligence at the tactical edge
  • Mission application integration from best-in-class partners
  • SWaP optimized in mission context (warfighter wearable to Theater Operations Center)
  • Cyber security and transport resilience

Each ELITE kit is customized to meet unique user requirements for applications and transport types but is integrated and tested to provide a full turn-key solution to ensure mission success. 

Viasat’s portable ELITE Headquarters kit brings mobile C5 solutions for the TOC/FOB out through Mobile Command environments through enabling rapid setup/tear down and seamless connectivity to multiple disparate networks across existing military computing environments. ELITE HQ delivers real-time data and distributed cloud access, enabling the Common Operational Picture, mission ISR, sensor fusion, and emerging capabilities including telematics and medcom Each ELITE kit is customized to meet unique user requirements for applications and transport types, the following provides some typical kit options:

ELITE Headquarters for Combat Employment

C2 Applications

C2 software providing ground radar and datalink integration, data fusion and correlation, and Common Operating Picture (COP) for real-time Situation Awareness (SA)

Tactical Radio Gateway

Multi-channel communications including Link-16, SADL/EPLRS, SINCGARS, ANW2C, IW, DAMA, V/ULOS; PacStar tactical compute for host/bridge/gateway function; KG-250X Type 1 Crypto and GD TACDS Cross Domain for multi-level networks

Intra-Node Comms

Stand-alone LTE and 5G networks for local connectivity

Inter-Node Comms

Low LPI/LPD Free Space Optics (FSO) exceeding 10Gbps over 20km for connecting between TOC/FOB

High-Capacity SATCOM for BLOS Comms

Portable Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT) for Military/Commercial Ku/Ka and X-Band

SIPR/NIPR/JWICS Access Hosted on portable servers with Type 1 DAR/DIT capability
Network Routing/Management NetAgility enabling rapid network setup and resilient connectivity
Cyber Monitoring Network and EUD monitoring integrated with real-time Threat Intelligence, backed by our 24/7 CSOC
Tactical Radios Support for Trellisware, Silvus, PRC-148C, PRC-161, PRC-163, PRC-167. ELITE supports future radio integration as a transport agnostic solution.
Secure EUDs for disconnected SA S20 Tactical Edition (TE) kits with ATAK and Mobile Dynamic Defense (Cybersecurity)