End-to-end comms for a networked battlespace
To keep Canada strong at home
Secure in North America
Engaged in the world

Canadian Defence + National Security

Viasat delivers holistic battlespace connectivity and advanced operational capabilities to help the Canadian Armed Forces stay Strong, Secure, Engaged.

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Reslient Satellite Communications

Maximize warfighter capabilities with multi-band, multi-network connectivity and seamlessly roam across both commercial and military satcom solutions

Modernized Link 16 Communications

Brings 360-degree battlespace awareness for soldiers on the ground and pilots in the sky – even in highly contested environments

Holistic Cybersecurity

Highly relevant, actionable intelligence helps you maintain vigilant defense against some of the world’s most advanced adversaries

Innovating for what comes next. 

“We’re a team of veterans, former warfighters, and creative thinkers. We focus on the warfighter’s mission and apply our technical innovation to empower the warfighter in new and different ways – ways that our customers never dreamed possible.”

-Ken Peterman, President, Viasat Government Systems

How Viasat helps get you there:

  • Faster development and deployment of warfighter capabilities
  • Continuous innovation and improvement in cycles of months, not years
  • Greater agility to scale and respond to emerging threats and surges
  • Better resiliency and redundancy with active cyber defense and hybrid adaptive network
  • Unrivaled bandwidth capacity and economics for better connectivity
  • Increased situational awareness and lethality with superior information dominance and force multiplier advantage

Greater operational capabilities transform missions

  • Better, faster decision making 
  • Instant collaboration
  • More accurate, actionable intel
  • Force multiplier advantages
  • Cloud-enabled warfighting

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