SurfBeam® Broadband System

SurfBeam® Broadband System

A satellite-based networking system designed expressly for building broadband access networks.

Mass market residential Internet access, SOHO/SME business broadband, newsgathering, emergency response, law enforcement, disaster recovery

Ka-band satellite broadband

SurfBeam® 2 Now Available

The latest generation satellite networking system designed to achieve the full potential of high-capacity Ka-band satellites for residential, enterprise, and mobile broadband services.

SurfBeam Building Broadband Networks  

The ViaSat SurfBeam® Broadband System is a satellite-based system designed for building large-scale broadband access networks. With over 1,000,000 terminals shipped, it has become the single most popular broadband satellite networking system ever.

The SurfBeam system is the only all-inclusive networking system designed from the beginning  to deliver highly scalable, high performance consumer/small-office and small-medium enterprise (SME) broadband services over satellite. It delivers the economics that make broadband-by-satellite a great business.

Creating Fast Satellite Broadband Uptake Around the World
The SurfBeam system is the network technology behind these fast growing broadband services, and it can bring the same success to you:

  • WildBlue Communications, United States 
  • Eutelsat Tooway™, Europe 
  • Xplornet, Canada
  • NBN, Australia 
  • KACST, Saudi Arabia 

Great Broadband Experience for Customers and Operators
With SurfBeam, ViaSat has successfully integrated widely-used terrestrial wireless industry technology with the latest in advanced and proven satellite technology.

Key SurfBeam Broadband by Satellite Advantages

  • Highly scalable architecture allowing you to economically start with a small network that serves only a few thousand customers, then easily grow the hub infrastructure to accommodate hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of subscribers. 
  • High system capacity and lower bandwidth costs using advanced ViaSat technologies that give customers a better user experience, support more applications, and provide you with higher system capacity to serve more customers. 
  • Consumer priced terminals because of the economies of scale inherent in integrating wireless broadband chipsets already produced in the millions and proven in the field, along with ViaSat success in shipping more than 1 million units to date.  
  • Integrated front and back-office support. Unlike other satellite-based systems, the SurfBeam system also includes the front and back-office support functions that simplify managing your customers and network:
    • Customer-based subscriptions 
    • Service plan definitions and activation 
    • Simple and automatic provisioning of new subscribers 
    • Billing

Expand Your Markets for Broadband Access
Along with your existing customer base and distribution channels the SurfBeam system enables rapid penetration into new markets for broadband access. You can pick and choose the best customers for broadband access, without the cost or delays of building terrestrial connections to reach them.

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