Fixed Broadband Satellite Communications

Fixed Broadband Satellite Communications

A New Era in Broadband Satellite Systems

Through a new approach to broadband satellite communications, ViaSat has launched a new era in satellite broadband with the innovative design of its high-capacity Ka-band satellite system. Our new satellite architecture is transforming the performance of satellite communications and lifting the satellite industry to a more competitive position in telecommunications.

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Satellite reinvented. Learn more about the ViaSat Flexible Broadband System.

Today’s market environment has created a user expectation macro-trend — customers want to be connected anytime, anywhere and at higher speeds. That’s what ViaSat-1 and Ka-band is all about — meeting the demand. We're already the leader in Ka-band broadband by satellite. With hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide, virtually all independent consumer broadband service providers are enjoying the benefits of ViaSat broadband by satellite:

  • Increased system capacity for lower airtime costs
  • Ability to easily scale to millions of subscribers
  • Lower service fees that maximize subscriber uptake and retention
  • Simple “no touch” provisioning of new customers
  • Easy integration with standard operations and back office systems
  • Smaller, lighter, and economical subscriber terminals for residential, business, government, and mobile customers

"This new system can change the perception of satellite broadband, to one of superior performance and a great choice for broadband."

  John Maduri, CEO, Xplornet Communications

The ViaSat SurfBeam® 2 Broadband System is the satellite networking system behind these fast growing broadband services and it can bring the same success to you:

  • ExedeSM Ka-band Internet access in the United States
  • Eutelsat Tooway™ Ku- and Ka-band services in Europe
  • Xplornet Ka-band consumer services in Canada

The system is designed to simultaneously deliver a wide range of residential, enterprise, portable and mobile broadband services to commercial and government customers.

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