ViaSat ArcLight Mobile Satellite Communication Technology

ViaSat ArcLight Mobile Satellite Communication Technology

The conundrum that most see in mobile satellite communication systems is between sufficient power in the satellite signal and keeping system cost, size, and weight to levels that make it practical. You need a small antenna, but how do you hit a moving target without lots of RF power and avoid interfering with adjacent satellites?

ViaSat ArcLight® Technology Makes The Difference

Through development of an intelligent, spread spectrum modem technology the problem is overcome by enabling the system to use a low-cost, small (11.5 inches or 30 cm) antenna. Using a technique similar to cellular CDMA, the system spreads the energy of the signal across a wide spectrum and codes each bit for signal reassembly at the other end to overcome mobile communication challenges:

  • Co-exists with other services using the same frequency bands
  • Maintains sufficient capacity and great user experience for large numbers of network members (unlike ground based or cellular)
  • Eliminates blocked signals caused by line-of-sight (even helicopter blade) obstructions

Patented PCMA For Free Return Links and Fast Access

Our patented PCMA (Paired Carrier Multiple Access) enables essentially free return links by overlapping them onto the same bandwidth as the high-speed broadcast signal going to the plane, vessel or vehicle. Imagine the savings.

ArcLight airborne terminal on right, with 12-inch antenna and controller

The architecture and waveform are specifically designed to meet strict FCC & ITU regulations. These automated network management features assure compliance:

  • Uplink power control
  • Congestion control
  • Automated login and network management
  • Adjacent satellite interference management
  • Auto-shutdown in restricted areas

For travelers in the proverbial “planes, trains, and automobiles” the super-efficient ViaSat ArcLight technology is delivering fast, low-cost IP communications at broadband access speeds equivalent to what you would expect at home or in the office.

The performance is the same for the DoD, Homeland Defense, and Coalition forces, when they connect with the ViaSat mobile satcom system.

A Complete System

Beyond the waveform technology, we provide the entire ground infrastructure and satellite coverage for complete network system as well.

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