Ka-band Ground Systems

Ka-band Ground Systems

High-Capacity Satellite Broadband System

Residential internet; enterprise connectivity and business continuity; satellite backhaul; instant, portable access; mobile broadband.

Integrated Ground System for High-Capacity Satellites 

A complete satellite networking system of gateways, terminals, and network management that enables fast and cost-effective broadband services. The system is designed to simultaneously deliver a wide range of residential, enterprise, and mobile broadband services for commercial and government applications.

By exploiting the full potential of Ka-band high-capacity satellites, such as ViaSat-1 and Eutelsat KA-SAT, the system can deliver more than ten times the speed and capacity of other systems at a much lower cost per subscriber. You can deliver multimedia communication services that match DSL and 3G/4G wireless quality and are available wherever people live or work.

Operators can offer an excellent quality of service at an affordable price while capitalizing on economies of scale created by our system design and the successful heritage of SurfBeam, the leading choice for residential broadband, with installations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe and over 2 million terminals shipped.

Extensive network management includes easy customer provisioning and support.

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Residential Internet

For service providers, system capacity can easily expand to deliver an excellent customer experience regardless of how much bandwidth an application may use. Downstream and upstream speeds are adjustable to offer various levels of service.

The compact consumer terminal integrates into any home-based network. Embedded web acceleration helps provide broadband services with speeds that enable satellite to compete with DSL and offer higher data allowances than 4G wireless for bandwidth-hungry applications:

  • Media-intensive web browsing
  • Internet video calling
  • Streaming video clips
  • Movie downloads
  • Photo library uploads

Enterprise Networking

The enterprise satellite terminal unlocks unprecedented satellite capacity and performance for your enterprise network delivering extraordinary throughput, efficiency, flexibility and affordability with new networking features:

  • Configurable as a Level 2 or Level 3 networking device for enterprise flexibility
  • Built-in TCP and web acceleration
  • Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) configured on an individual terminal basis
  • Application-based traffic prioritization for high-quality VoIP and high-speed video conferencing

Whether connecting a small remote office or large warehouse with multiple complex networks, establishing a secondary network for business continuity, or backhauling cellular traffic over satellite, the terminal delivers the performance and bandwidth you need.

Portable Broadband

Our portable satellite terminal brings abundant, affordable bandwidth to any location and can play a key role in delivering the information you need with little advance notice. Designed for both commercial and military markets, it is the smallest and lightest ruggedized satellite terminal for use on high-capacity Ka-band satellites. The terminal is ideally suited for high bandwidth applications, including those where uplink speeds from the remote location are more demanding than the downlink:

  • Satellite News Gathering - ample bandwidth at a fraction of today’s SNG costs, even for live high-definition reporting at 8 Mbps
  • Military - networked military operators can securely share full-motion HD video, high-resolution imagery, ISR, and situational awareness data in real time
  • Emergency Response - establish a high-speed uplink at a moment's notice with a built-in antenna pointing aid for rapid satellite acquisition
  • Oil and Gas - easy transport and reliable operation in the most demanding locations supporting several bandwidth-intensive applications simultaneously to maximize the productivity of your remote exploration and maintenance teams

Mobile High-Speed Internet

Today our Yonder® network offers the greatest global coverage for high-speed mobile Internet service. It is in use on over 500 aircraft and more than 4,000 maritime vessels. At Ku-band, a typical airborne customer experiences 1-2 Mbps of data to the aircraft, with data uploads at up to 512 kbps from the aircraft.

Exede® In The Air from ViaSat is the only in-flight Wi-Fi service that can deliver the high-speed experience passengers expect to everyone onboard the aircraft and every plane in the airspace. Available now on JetBlue and coming soon on United Airlines, the service offers capabilities and speeds not possible on existing services. The capacity and economics of ViaSat-1, the World’s highest capacity satellite, allows airlines to offer an unmatched in-flight Wi-Fi service at a better price or free. 

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