Mobile High-Speed Internet Service

Mobile High-Speed Internet Service



The first in-flight internet service to use high-capacity Ka-band satellites and serve true broadband speeds to more than 1 million passengers, Exede in The Air services are available for commercial airlines and general aviation   The favorable economics of the high-capacity ViaSat Ka-band system enable significantly higher transmission speeds, more bandwidth for each passenger, less network congestion, and more attractive airtime pricing than alternatives
An unrivaled passenger experience keeps everyone on board productive, engaged, and entertained with the same applications and content they use on the ground   Our global network of Ka- and Ku-band satellites lets you travel the world and connect to the best available service, in much the same way cellular services roam between 4G LTE, 3G, and 2G networks

Exede® In the Air for Commercial Airlines

Exede In The Air for commercial airlines changes the way passengers experience in-flight Wi-Fi with the fastest Internet speeds. This highly-differentiated service is the first of its kind, capable of delivering 12 Mbps to each connected device so airlines can deliver an unmatched experience at an affordable price and passengers enjoy a high-speed connection similar to what they get at home, no matter how many connect.

No other in-flight connectivity service delivers value to airlines like the Exede service.

Yonder® and Exede for General Aviation 

Being in the air doesn’t have to mean leaving your well-connected workspace and entertainment content behind. With Yonder and Exede In The Air in-flight internet services for general aviation, aircraft owners, guests and staff can use the internet the way they want.

Yonder is today's fastest service over land and water for business jets. Our global Ku-band network delivers an unmatched internet experience to hundreds of aircraft, plus a path toward even better experience.

Exede In The Air general aviation services support high-bandwidth business and entertainment applications while you circle the globe, connecting to the best in-flight internet service on our network of Ka- and Ku-band satellites.

All ViaSat business aviation services offer predictable monthly fees and an always-on service available on the ground and through all phases of flight, including taxi, take-off, and landing.

High-Speed Internet Service for Maritime Markets

ViaSat, in partnership with KVH Industries, delivers reliable, high-speed Internet access to seagoing vessels over the vast majority of the busiest maritime corridors. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely cruise, need to manage a commercial business, or support offshore oil and gas exploration, the KVH mini-VSAT BroadbandSM service offers affordable and flexible subscription plans.

Antennas Designed for Mobile Applications

Having instant access to information while on the go has never been more important. ViaSat paves the way with mobile broadband antennas that deliver two-way IP communications in commercial, private, and military aircraft, ground vehicles, and maritime vessels, keeping users productive and informed.

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