High-Speed, High-Performance Broadband

Our new system has transformed the performance of satellite broadband services and lifted the industry to a more competitive position in telecommunications. But none of us can stop there. The Gigabit World will soon yield to the Terabit World as the demand for high speed and bandwidth continues to increase.

Now an easier way to get in the game

To make it easier for operators and service providers to deliver affordable, high-speed broadband services worldwide we’re partnering with Boeing to offer the ViaSat Flexible Broadband System. This system brings you a new level of flexibility, high-capacity, and affordability, enabling you to start with a smaller investment, focus capacity to match the bandwidth demand in your markets, and scale your infrastructure as expansion is needed. Read more about the Flexible Broadband System.

A roadmap to widening our lead in high-capacity satellite

The scheduled 2016 launch of ViaSat-2 will be our next big technology step. This third-generation design will double the bandwidth economics advantage and introduce a system that can cover a far greater footprint with our deep data capacity – for ViaSat-2, seven times that of ViaSat-1.

Fixed and mobile communications

  • Fixed – With over one million installations worldwide, the largest consumer broadband service providers are enjoying the benefits of ViaSat broadband technology.
  • Mobile – Our complete networking system of gateways, terminals, and network management can simultaneously enable fast and cost-effective mobile broadband services.

The innovative design of our high-capacity Ka-band satellite system, featuring an integrated approach to space and ground segment technology, is transforming the performance of satellite communications and lifting the satellite industry to a more competitive position in telecommunications. A complete satellite networking system of gateways, terminals, and network management.

Residential Broadband

The ViaSat Broadband System is the satellite networking system behind these fast growing broadband services and it can bring the same success to you:

  • Exede Ka-band Internet access in the United States
  • Tooway - Internet service in Europe
  • Xplornet – Find a dealer for Xplornet Internet in Canada

Mobile Broadband

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, on a commercial airline or your own private aircraft, passengers have struggled with slow Internet services when they travel. The ViaSat Global Network uses Ku-band satellites to provide high-speed mobile broadband to aircraft, seagoing vessels, trains, and other vehicles. We also offer the most bandwidth and speed to commercial airlines enabling them to offer passengers the in-flight Wi-Fi experience they want.

  • Exede In The Air for commercial aircraft is the first to use high-capacity Ka-band satellites, and is designed to eclipse the service quality and deliver high-speed connections no matter how many passengers are using it. With a 12 Mbps service level to every passenger, the service delivers the best passenger experience while the economics of Ka-band make it affordable for airlines.
  • Yonder® service for business and VIP aircraft keeps passengers productive and entertained while onboard with the fastest connection speeds with the largest global coverage along the busiest air routes. We offer a variety of service plans to meet your needs. All service levels benefit from continuous investments in network security, coverage, operations, and data capacity.
  • Maritime service, in partnership with KVH Industries, delivers reliable, high-speed Internet access to seagoing vessels over the vast majority of the busiest maritime corridors. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely cruise, need to manage a commercial business, or support offshore oil and gas exploration, the KVH mini-VSAT BroadbandSM service offers affordable and flexible subscription plans.

Enterprise Networks

Beyond simply providing satellite communication systems, our mission is to engineer creative ways to improve productivity and quality of life for you and your customers. Our satellite VSAT systems extend your network for business and web-centric applications.

  • Enterprise Broadband System - a complete satellite networking system that enables fast and cost-effective satellite broadband services, the system can simultaneously offer a wide range of enterprise and mobile broadband services for commercial and government customers.
  • LinkWay® satellite networking seamlessly connects your advanced networking applications using IP, ATM, Frame Relay, or ISDN protocols with direct, single-hop connections between remote sites.
  • Cellular Network Extension System enables mobile network operators to profitably deliver GSM voice, messaging, application and data services to underserved communities, or create greenfield networks, with a fully integrated cellular and satellite backhaul network.
  • IP Trunking Terminals ViaSat was chosen by O3b Networks to design and produce Ka-band gateway teleports and high-speed IP trunking terminals for its new fiber-quality, satellite-based global Internet backbone.
  • Network Acceleration/Optimization in the satellite broadband terminals significantly improves throughput and end-user performance for HTTP- and TCP-based applications.
  • PCMA (Paired Carrier Multiple Access) is a patented, frequency re-use technique for two-way satellite communications that enables two different earth stations to use the same frequency, time slots, and/or CDMA code at the same time.

Managed Wi-Fi Services

ViaSat Managed Wi-Fi services extend the reach of broadband internet connections with professionally installed or plug-n-play hotspots for both single and multi-site networks. Designed to be the most flexible and comprehensive Wi-Fi for carriers, enterprises and government partners, these services enable you to deliver your own unique branded Wi-Fi hotspot experience to customers anywhere in the world on any device.

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