Mobile Broadband IP

Our mobile broadband systems are in operation for both commercial and military applications. With our FCC-approved, Ku-band mobile broadband service, we’re able to provide you with higher speeds and lower costs.

The ViaSat ArcLight® system is the key. This mobile satellite broadband system uses a spread spectrum waveform similar to CDMA that creates a number of advantages over other mobile satellite services that bill themselves as broadband.


Mobile Satellite Broadband Services
Travelers can economically send and receive data at speeds similar to high-speed cable or DSL while on the move in aircraft, trains, or seagoing vessels using small, lightweight antennas and terminals.

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Mobile Broadband Antennas

Communications On the Move - Mobile Military Satcom
HMWWV in motion with ViaSat COTM system, including rooftop antenna. Our Mobile Satcom system uses ViaSat ArcLight® technology to provide affordable, 2-way, always-on, broadband access via satellite – at speeds that match cable or DSL – to ground, airborne, and maritime platforms while in motion.

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