Military Satcom

Military Satcom

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Satcom for on-the-move, on-the-pause, fixed, and transportable communication applications. Product lines include mobile satcom systems, high speed modems, UHF satcom terminals, portable manpack terminals, and antenna systems.


Blue Force Tracking
ViaSat, in cooperation with Harris Corp. and under contract to Northrop Grumman Corp., is developing the satellite ground equipment for the follow-on Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below − Blue Force Tracking (FBCB2-BFT) satellite network upgrade.

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Communications On-the-Move - Mobile Satcom
Our Mobile Satcom system uses ViaSat ArcLight® technology to provide affordable, 2-way, always-on, broadband access via satellite – at speeds that match cable or DSL – to ground, airborne, and maritime platforms while in motion.

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High Speed Modems
The MD-1366 EBEM - certified to MIL-STD-188-165B - defines a new standard for high-speed military satellite communications and uses military and commercial satellites at X-, C-, Ku-, and Ka-band frequencies. Our LinkWayS2 hubless MF-TDMA VSAT system enables you to cost-effectively integrate a variety of applications into a single platform in any network topology – mesh, star, or hybrid.

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Portable terminals
Designed to fit in a rucksack for tactical military satellite communications, the ViaSat AN/PSC-14 Inmarsat BGAN Integrated Manpack Terminal combines beyond-line-of-sight secure IP and legacy voice and data communications with up to 492 kbit/s data rate in a form factor that is ruggedized, man-portable, and vehicle-mountable.

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UHF satcom
Many use the phrase, but we truly are the world leader in DoD UHF mobile satellite communication systems, providing user terminals as well as network gateways, infrastructure, and training systems to the U.S. and allied military forces.

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Satellite antenna systems
ViaSat expertise in satellite antenna systems extends more than 40 years through its acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta Satellite Ground Systems. We offer you gateway antenna and earth station design, fabrication, test, and installation, plus antenna maintenance services.

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