Satellite IP networking so I can offer services to businesses or consumers

Satellite IP networking so I can offer services to businesses or consumers

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Applying new ideas and technologies to satellite communications make it a very cost-effective broadband wireless networking system for service providers, satellite operators, direct-to-home TV broadcasters, and telecom carriers. Our complete satellite broadband systems, including subscriber terminals, system gateways, antennas, and integration, make fixed and mobile broadband services more economically rewarding for you.


Large Scale Broadband Networks – SurfBeam® System
With over 800,000 terminals shipped, the benefits of ViaSat SurfBeam broadband by satellite are clearly ahead of the competition:

  • Increased system capacity for lower airtime costs
  • Ability to easily scale to millions of subscribers
  • Lower service fees that maximize subscriber uptake and retention
  • Simple “no touch” provisioning of new customers
  • Easy integration with standard operations and back office systems
  • Smaller, lighter, consumer-priced subscriber terminals

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ViaSat-1 High Capacity Satellite System

Broadband of any sort is about bandwidth, and the measure of bandwidth is capacity, targeted to where there is end-user demand. Our high throughput satellite technology enables network operators to allocate significantly more data volume to each person connected to the network than any current satellite.


VSAT Networks
Choose ViaSat and you’ll gain a path to new ideas for more efficient and economical satellite data communications. DVB-S2, Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), Dynamic Link Allocation, PCMA, and communication acceleration techniques are just a few of our advanced satellite communication technologies.

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Communication System Development
Comsat Laboratories division, in concert with other ViaSat business areas, can help you with all aspects of satellite communication system architecture and technology development including the analysis, design, and specification of ground systems, satellites, custom microwave products, and microprocessors.

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Satellite Antenna Systems
ViaSat expertise in satellite antenna systems extends more than 40 years through its acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta Satellite Ground Systems. We offer you gateway antenna and earth station design, fabrication, test, and installation, plus antenna maintenance services.

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