ViaSat has been one of the leading suppliers of full-motion telemetry systems in the world, having supplied over 400 systems, in both fixed and mobile configurations.

  • High efficiency dual shaped reflectors for optimum G/T
  • 2.4 to 13.56 meter size reflectors
  • Complete turn-key front end supplier, from the antenna/feed assembly to the receivers, and where applicable the diversity combiners
  • Options include slip rings, rotary joints, telescopes, cameras, acquisition antennas, and uplink capabilities

High-dynamics pedestals provide speed and acceleration for tracking high performance fighter aircraft, missiles, launch vehicles, sounding rockets, helicopters, and other targets.

  • Single and dual-drive pedestals
  • ViaSat antenna controllers minimize the effects of multipath when tracking low elevation targets (over water in particular)
  • Conical scan, single-channel monopulse, ESCAN and program track feeds
  • Remote control of all components using our Station Control Computer


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