Mobile Antennas

Mobile Antennas

Having instant access to information while on the go has never been more important. ViaSat paves the way with mobile broadband antennas that deliver two-way IP communications in light to large aircraft, ground vehicles, and maritime vessels, keeping users productive and informed on numerous mobile commercial and military platforms. Whether you're at 40,000 feet or driving leisurely through the countryside, we keep you connected.

Ka-band Antennas

ViaSat has changed the perception of satellite broadband with ViaSat-1, the highest capacity satellite in the world. It delivers a much faster, high-perfomance satellite Internet connection while keeping costs affordable. This performance opens up a number of opportunities for mobile applications where users have higher service level expectations, there is no service available, or satellite was too expensive.

Our Ka-band antennas are an integral part of these satellite networking systems: 

Ku-band Antennas

Our VMT-1500 communications shipset is designed for large cabin business and military aircraft on our Yonder network. It is the lightest, smallest-footprint Ku-band terminal for high-speed Internet access to aircraft.

We have designed and tested two Ku-band hybrid phased arrays that are ideal for applications requiring a low profile design at a fraction of the cost of normal phased arrays. The patented hybrid phased array technology produces an aerodynamic design while offering broader scan capabilities and lower element counts than traditional phased array technologies. It has a wide range of uses, particularly in extreme conditions.

S-band Antennas

Designed for the new S-band Multimedia Satellite Systems, including Solaris Mobile, the antenna will enable next-generation services for both personal and commercial vehicles:

  • Media & Entertainment - TV and radio
  • Safety & Efficiency - eCall and ITS
  • Navigation & Information - maps, weather, traffic, and more
  • Fleet management - tracking and on-board unit updating
  • Many more uses

The S-band gateway interfaces with your Wi-Fi nomadic devices, allowing you to use multiple devices at the same time, including personal navigation, smartphone, personal media players, and game consoles.

L-band Antennas 

Derived from our highly-efficient antenna technology, this L-band omni antenna offers a broad beamwidth in azimuth and elevation for an omnidirectional coverage even at very low elevations. Antenna uses include all high end mobile satellite systems like Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Iridium, in the toughest conditions. Different configurations as a single element or multiple element array are available.

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