Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Gain access to one of the largest portfolios of technologies, expertise, and patents in satellite communications to add more efficiency, integration, and innovation to your communication systems and products.

Satellite Communication System Architecture and Technology


Advanced Microwave Products (formerly US Monolithics)Microwave integrated circuit and module design.

Advanced microwave MMICS and modules for both military and commercial wireless communications. Areas of expertise include high frequency communications technology, monolithic semiconductor design, high-power transceiver design, phased-array antenna design, high levels of functional integration, high frequency packaging, and design for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing.


FEC and DSP IP Cores for ASICs and FPGAs (formerly Efficient Channel Coding)

ViaSat specializes in communication and Forward Error Correcting (FEC) IP cores developed for defense and advanced satellite and wireless communication systems. Our IP cores are proven in both ASICs and FPGAs. The flexible underlying architecture is configurable for WiMAX, 3GPP, GPON, and DOCSIS® applications. Developments include a diversified portfolio of software, DSP, FPGA, and ASIC implementations of FEC for modems in several satellite, mobile, and optical communication systems.


Comsat Laboratories has been an industry pioneer for decades in the analysis, design and specification of satellite and ground systems and the development of communication and network systems technology and products.


Custom designed full motion antenna for Navy CDL.Antenna Systems

ViaSat expertise in antenna systems extends more than 40 years through its acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta Satellite Ground Systems. We offer you antenna and ground station design, fabrication, test, and installation, plus antenna maintenance services.


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