ViaSat Network Acceleration and Optimization is revolutionizing WAN for remote and mobile users, accelerating file transfers, email, and web browsing, and web-based applications over slow last-mile networks and secure VPN connections.

Simple installation delivers an unmatched experience– boosting performance by up to 50 times. Unlike acceleration appliances, it requires no remote IT staff.

The network acceleration and optimization is embedded in our residential and enterprise satellite broadband terminals significantly improving throughput and end-user performance for HTTP- and TCP-based applications.

The Extended Network Challenge

When working in the corporate office, we benefit from application performance over the LAN. However, users that work from remote locations often depend on extended networks with limited bandwidth and lower reliability.

Satellite, cellular, DSL, and dial-up networks can introduce significant delay between the user’s location and the corporate data center that hosts applications and shared files. In addition, “chatty” applications send repetitive data across the WAN, creating even greater delays and network inefficiencies.


Creating an Intelligent Acceleration Lane

To address these issues, advanced acceleration technology uses available network bandwidth by creating an intelligent “acceleration lane” between the remote device and data center application servers. This lane gives users dramatically improved speed on their computing devices.

The client runs completely transparent to end users. Server-side administration tools configure, distribute and monitor the remote application. Powerful system reports include application-specific and system-wide compression ratios as well as other performance statistics to measure the return on your investment.

Remote and mobile user benefits:

  • Accelerated access to centralized applications, providing LAN-like performance across the extended WAN
  • Reduced network bandwidth consumption by 50 to 75%
  • Ease of integration with remote access VPN and software distribution tools
Extend your application acceleration – all the way to your most remote users. 

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