A remote seaside village connected by Viasat satellite internet

We're changing the world. One connection at a time.

See how Viasat is bringing opportunity to communities around the world through the power of connectivity

A child sitting in a doorway using a laptop connected to the internet by Viasat Community Internet

Providing digital and social inclusion

Nearly half the world doesn't have access to the internet. It's a problem that isn't just about connectivity. It's about quality of life. That's where Viasat comes in. 


Through Viasat Community Internet, we're improving lives by bringing connectivity where it's needed most. We're going where other internet service providers can't or won't go to help establish or enhance connections to the things that matter most, such as education, healthcare, agriculture and business resources, and family.


With minimal infrastructure investment, Viasat establishes connectivity in these communities by deploying a centralized Community Internet hotspot that connects to one of our satellites — helping us work toward our mission to connect the world in a way that is economically sustainable and scalable.

Connecting the un- and under-connected through our Viasat Community Internet program is an example of our commitment to digital inclusion in action. We look forward to utilizing ViaSat-3 to reach even more people across the world who could not historically leverage technology to enhance personal, business, education, and health needs.

Evan Dixon, President of Global Fixed Broadband

A small business owner checking out a customer using Viasat satellite business internet

Promoting economic growth

Viasat empowers people to share ideas, keep in touch, stay safe, and connect to a world of opportunity. We channel the power of connectivity, working with global partners to create economic prosperity in communities all over the world.


From our new RTE facility in Alice Springs, Australia that's bringing connectivity and job opportunities to the remote outback, to our global Viasat Community Internet installations that are helping some of the world's most remote communities take part in online commerce and business, Viasat is connecting the world with business opportunities that promote economic growth.

A mother and child working on a laptop connected by Viasat satellite internet

Keeping customers connected

Internet access has been a lifeline for the millions conducting their work and social lives at home and online during the global pandemic. Because of this, internet connectivity — and the service Viasat provides to historically unserved and underserved areas — is more important than ever. In March 2020, we announced our commitment to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s Keep Americans Connected pledge. As part of the pledge, we agreed to support residential and small business customers affected by the pandemic by providing service despite an inability to pay bills, waiving any and all late fees, and opening Wi-Fi hotspots to those in need


Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've taken several steps to continue providing high-quality, reliable internet service, including but not limited to: 


  • Putting critical network management policies in place to ensure our finite bandwidth resource is distributed fairly across all customers
  • Modeling and forecasting network usage to best manage and/or alleviate network congestion
  • Prioritizing critical business and education applications during school and work hours


A Viasat customer working securely on their laptop, protected by Viasat cybersecurity

Adapting to threats

At Viasat, we have a responsibility to ensure the reliability, safety, and security of our products and services. We monitor, assess, and respond to risks proactively and identify ways to improve our preparedness using our Foundatial Security Principles (FSPs), which include:


  • Encrypting every piece of information we touch
  • Testing and updating the security of solutions on a constant basis
  • Storing and sharing only relevant information


Read the entire Viasat FY21 ESG Report

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