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An array of solar panels on the roof at Viasat's Carlsbad, California campus

Managing environmental performance

We empower teams to implement, monitor, and continually improve our environmental management system (EMS) and Green Environmental Policy, to drive progress on our three environmental objectives:  

  1.  Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through strategic implementation of efficient infrastructure and renewable energy sources
  2. Promote the recycling of applicable and significant waste streams across Viasat's global locations
  3. Exercise product stewardship through the design, procurement, and manufacturing aspects of our business

Our EMS is certified to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 standard, which enables us to enhance environmental performance, fulfill compliance obligations, and achieve our environmental objectives



Key environmental performance achievements in FY21

  • Viasat achieved ISO 14001 certification at our Carlsbad and Duluth sites and achieved ISO 14001 certification at three Australia locations for the first time
  • Working with the Technology Conservation Group, Viasat  deconstructed and recycled 349,035 pounds of residential terminal equipment
  • We recycled 44 tons of batteries and 187,000 pounds of paper
  • Working with our campus café partners we conserved 2,100 lbs. of oil and recycled 1,975 lbs. of waste in 2020 
A technician reading a checklist as someone in the background installs a Viasat internet on an airplane

Using resources responsibly

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of environmental stewardship in areas where we have the greatest impact and influence, pushing ourselves to operate efficiently, use resources responsibly, and limit our GHG footprint.


Embracing product stewardship

In our Commercial Aviation segment, we are building products that reduce the aircaft weight to help airlines reduce their carbon footprint — enabling savings in fuel costs and lower GHG emissions. Our Connected Flight Deck additionally helps pilots optimize routes  in real-time to further cut fuel consumption.


Reducing energy use and GHG emissions

In FY21, we worked with a third party to evaluate our energy use patterns and use those resultstos minimize spikes, thereby reducing energy use and cost and avoiding GHG emissions. We are in the process of establishing a formal baseline for our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions; once established, we will develop emissions reduction goals and document our progress in a GHG inventory management plan.


Saving water

To save water, we implement water strategies depending on what makes the most sense for a location — from upgrading to low flow sink faucets at multiple sites to reusing recycled water for landscaping.


Keeping space safe and inclusive for everyone

Space is a natural resource — and like any other natural resource, it has limits. It's our objective to be a leader in bringing the benefits of space technology to the world in a way that's sustainable, responsible, and inclusive to everyone. To do this, we are cooperating with a range of responsible nations and global partners to promote rules and practices that allow multiple stakeholders to participate safely in all facets of the space economy. We believe that working together, there is a way to keep space safe and inclusive for everyone.

A picture of the clear night sky, free of megaconstellations and space debris, with the Milky Way visible
A Viasat employee traveling between building on a company provided bike

Encouraging employee involvement

Sustainability begins with passionate employees. We empower employees to explore and support the causes that matter most to them, including being sustainable in their day-to-day work environment. At our offices, we:

  • Provide ongoing employee education around sustainability
  • Offer programs to support alternate commutes
  • Hold annual Earth Day celebrations


Our campus design encourages employees to build a relationship with nature, which we believe creates a sense of ownership around our environmental sustainability efforts — which includes recycling stations, bocce ball courts, jogging and biking trails, shade structures for informal meetings, and ample green space that incorporates 11,000 native plants and trees.

Read the entire Viasat FY21 ESG Report

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