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Viasat In The Community

STEAM Education

We believe all youth should have access to STEAM education that encourages their imagination to take them anywhere.

Our hands-on approach involves educational entities and partnerships that allow us to bring students onto our campus for tours, activities, and interactions with the same engineers who are solving some of the world’s toughest communications problems.

Veteran and Military Support

Whether it’s through our technology, hiring veterans, or helping military families in our communities, we’re committed to supporting those who protect and serve.

Employee Driven Outreach

We’re on a mission to connect communities, everywhere. Whether it’s helping out after a natural disaster, mentoring students to foster a passion for technology, supporting military families or strengthening our communities – these causes spark our employees’ passions. We empower and support them through donation matching, volunteer grants, and team fundraising that impact their communities. Together, we can change the world for good.

Request for Viasat to support your organization

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