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  • Ka-band Antenna Systems
  • KG-200M 6U cPCI Hardware Encyptor for Protecting Classified Data a Rest
  • KG-200R Ruggedized Inline Media Encryptor for Protecting Classified Data a Rest
  • KG-200 Workstation Inline Media Encryptor for Protecting Classified Data at Rest
  • KG-201 Portable Inline Media Encryptor for Protecting Classified Data at Rest
  • KG-250 Type 1 HAIPE™ high-speed IP network encryptor: NSA-certified Foreign Interoperable (FI).
  • KG-250M Airborne and Mobile Type 1 security.
  • KG-250 Rack Mount Dual 1U - Holds 2 KG-250s, or one KG-250 and one Compact xPEP in a 1U rack
  • KG-250X Compact, rugged high-speed IP network encryptor for the tactical edge
  • KG-255 Ruggedized information up to the TOP Type 1 INE for secure exchange of classi SECRET level at full duplex speeds up to 2 Gigabit per second.
  • KS-252 TT&C Secure Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding Ground Operating Equipment
  • LEGS - Link 16 Environment/Gateway/Stimulator For testing, troubleshooting, and demonstrating Link 16 terminals.
  • LiFT - Link 16 Flight-line Tool  Go/No Go testing and troubleshooting software.
  • Link 16 Navigation Test Set Comprehensive testing of the Relative Navigation and Mission Computer Navigation Aiding functions.
  • LinkStar® System Two-way, bandwidth-on-demand broadband VSAT system for service providers, ISPs, and corporate networks. DVB-S2 and either ViaSat-enhanced or DVB-RCS.
  • LinkWay® Commercial Networking System Seamless connections to your advanced business networking applications using IP, ATM, Frame Relay or ISDN. DVB-S2 and mesh, star or hybrid network topologies.
  • LinkWay® - Current Force Modem Hubless MF-TDMA Broadband VSAT system for a variety of network topologies – mesh, star, or hybrid.





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