Contract Will Add GBS Terminal Operation to Joint IP Modem (JIPM)

Contract Will Add GBS Terminal Operation to Joint IP Modem (JIPM)

2009-01-12 -

Carlsbad, CA – ViaSat Inc. has received a contract modification from the U.S. Army, via contract prime Globecomm Systems Inc., to modify the Joint Internet Protocol Modem to enable it to operate as the network-centric modem for the Global Broadcast Service. GBS broadcasts Internet Protocol (IP) based, real-time video and large data files, similar to a multicast service such as direct-to-home satellite television, for U.S. military mission support. ViaSat is under contract to make the JIPM compatible with GBS and DISA specifications by adding Flow Control and Multicast IP filtering to efficiently flow one-way data packet (UDP) traffic and prevent sending duplicate receive data to the GBS network. ViaSat is also incorporating GBS requirements to achieve new size, weight, and power performance for the satellite modem.

“We are making this change to align JIPM with the GBS mission within the deployment schedule set by the U.S. Government,” said Ric VanderMeulen, VP for Government Satcom Systems at ViaSat. “This enables the rapid spread of this standard joint, network-centric IP system into a potentially large mission base.”

GBS is a wideband broadcast service that transmits timely classified and unclassified information. With the first Ka-band Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) satellite now in service, GBS has added WGS to its broadcast network. As part of that move, ViaSat is working to accelerate the expansion of the service by enabling the standard JIPM to simultaneously operate as a two-way modem and GBS receiver. GBS has typically relied only on GBS-dedicated terminals similar to direct-to-home set-top boxes.

Globecomm Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: GCOM) is the prime contractor for the JIPM program. ViaSat is responsible for the network system and modem design under subcontract.

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