$18 Million Broadband Gateway Antenna Contract for New Eutelsat Ka-band KA-SAT Satellite

$18 Million Broadband Gateway Antenna Contract for New Eutelsat Ka-band KA-SAT Satellite

2009-03-31 -

Eight gateway earth stations planned throughout Europe for Tooway consumer broadband

Carlsbad, CAViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) has received an $18 million contract award from Skylogic, the broadband subsidiary of Eutelsat Communications (Eutelsat Communications-Euronext Paris: ETL) for broadband gateway earth stations for the previously announced high-capacity KA-SAT Ka-band satellite system. ViaSat is under contract to deliver and install eight broadband earth station antennas throughout Europe, as well as provide maintenance and support services. The earth station gateways are designed to connect subscribers of Eutelsat Tooway™ satellite broadband service to the Internet. The ViaSat ground infrastructure will be available for the KA-SAT launch scheduled for mid-2010.

This award is in addition to the gateway infrastructure system contract announced in September 2008.

 “This award solidifies our leadership position in Ka-band earth stations for broadband satellite communications. To date, we have delivered over 75 Ka-band earth stations to commercial and military customers worldwide,” said John Zlogar, VP Antenna Systems at ViaSat.

The Tooway service operated by Eutelsat broadband subsidiary Skylogic, is already supplying consumer broadband service using the Eutelsat HOT BIRD™ 6 and Eurobird™ 3 satellites and the ViaSat SurfBeam® networking system. 

KA-SAT is a high capacity Ka-band spot beam satellite with planned coverage over Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. With a capacity estimated at 70 Gbps, KA-SAT is expected to be (at launch) the highest capacity satellite in the world. KA-SAT is a European counterpart to ViaSat-1, a Ka-band satellite designed to deliver 100 Gbps of broadband capacity to the North American market, with a planned launch
in 2011.

Forward-Looking Statements

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