UHF Satcom Products

UHF Satcom Products

ViaSat is the world leader in UHF mobile satellite networking for the Department of Defense, providing terminals, modems, and simulators, as well as network gateways and infrastructure to the U.S. and allied military forces.

UHF Satcom Terminals

With our RT-18XX family of UHF Satcom Terminals, you can choose a satcom terminal that best matches your requirements. The three terminals use the same modules (cards), so you keep spares to the minimum. The card set for one satcom channel includes an upconverter, downconverter, modem and input/output modules. The difference in the terminals is twofold; the application and chassis type.


Application Chassis
RT-1828 Shore stations or other benign environments 9U high; one to four UHF satcom channels
RT-1829 Shipboard Similar to the RT-1828, but ruggedized with shock mounts, module stiffeners, and conformal coated cards; meets or exceeds the shock, vibe, and other DoD environmental requirements
RT-1830(P)/G Shore stations or other benign environments 3U high terminal; one UHF satcom channel

DAMA Orderwire Channel Controller Trainer/Simulator (DOCCT/S) 

Enables you to develop, integrate, and train on UHF satellite communication equipment without the expense and time constraints associated with accessing live satellite channels.

A turnkey trainer and UHF satcom/simulator for UHF satellite communications, DOCCT/S has the flexibility to address an entire range of UHF DAMA satellite communications equipment training, integration and mission rehearsal requirements.



UHF Modems and Ancillary RF Equipment

MD-1324A and MD-1324B UHF DAMA Satcom Modems Provides UHF satcom capability for military half and full duplex radios; certified for satcom operation with over 10 different radios
MD-1324A+ UHF DAMA Satcom Modem Provides UHF satcom capability for half and full duplex radios; the A+ modifies the MD-1324A with a redesigned UHF receiver for input protection up to +30dBm and increases the FLASH memory size on the modem’s DSP circuit card to support the Integrated Waveform and legacy DAMA operational modes
MD-1324(c)/U and MD-1324A(c)/U UHF DAMA Satcom Modem Upgrades
ViaSat's MD-1324(c)/U and MD-1324A(c)/U UHF DAMA satcom modems can be upgraded for the Integrated Waveform (IW) functionality with additional memory thereby supporting IW while retaining the legacy DAMA waveforms.  Included in the IW upgrade is a radio frequency protection enhancement designed to prevent failures associated with co-site interference.
UHF SATCOM High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) Shore, shipboard and airborne HPAs, ranging from 30 to 200 watts
Orderwire Encryption Board (OEB) Daughter card that attaches to the Digital Signal Processing (DSP or modem) module and provides encryption for network handshaking
Multiple UHF Interface Drawer (MUID) Part of the DOCCT/S system, the MUID is a drawer that lets you connect up to four terminals to a DOCCT/S system at RF
UHF Satcom Up and Down Converter Modules Two radio cards in the RT-18XX terminals that provide a satcom radio capability
Wideband Modulators (Transmit and Receive) Provides the same Satcom capability as the Up and Down converters, and provide a VHF/UHF LOS capability
RF Components Various RF components including antennas, splitter combiner drawers (1X4), support pedestals, bandpass filters, LNA/diplexers, and DC injector drawers
Spare Components Spare boards (modules), power supplies, and chassis for all of our equipment, plus a large repair depot




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