University Recruiting Internships at ViaSat, a Satellite Communications Company

University Recruiting Internships at ViaSat, a Satellite Communications Company

Click to view ViaSat summer intern video.Our university recruiting program is all about finding the best and the brightest, bringing them on board our team, and then providing the opportunity to grow and excel – starting from day one! Our internship program selects a large number of student interns every summer to work at ViaSat and get involved in real projects.

We have internship opportunities available in software engineering, hardware engineering, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, RF engineering, finance, supply chain, and marketing.    

  Watch a video to learn more.

Team Intern Projects
Some interns are selected to work together in a multi-disciplinary team responsible for their own project.

Project:Create a test fixture to simulate the one-way channel between the ground and a satellite, including delay, additive Gaussian white noise, and Ricean channel effects.


Project: Assist in test and development of ViaSat mobile satellite communications systems for vehicles, including the Yukon test vehicle shown above.

“In classes we are typically given a design by the instructor and then our job is to implement it. In our ‘real world’ project at ViaSat, we received the goals and specifications of the project and then were left to design and implement a system to meet those goals. The design freedom forced us to be creative.” – Barron S.

“We enjoyed working with the employees at ViaSat and the work environment was really great. Everyone was very smart. Living in California for the summer was awesome!” – CJ S.


“The hands-on experience we had will be valuable when we take future classes. Previously my coursework had been focused mostly in computer engineering and FPGA programming. After this summer, I see more value getting a better understanding of signals and communication system design.” – Brent S.



As with all ViaSat employees, life balance, fun, and leisure are all part of your life. Here are some of the activities you’ll enjoy as a ViaSat intern:
  • Beach outings
  • Hackathons
  • Lunch with the founder/CEO
  • Ballgames
  • Volleyball

Intern Housing
As a summer intern, you may very likely work at one of our locations in a different city from your university. To help, we provide a monthly housing allowance to help you with your costs.




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